Opposites Attract

In the laws of attraction it is true what they say... "Opposites Attract" 

Jarryd and I are definitely proof of this in so many ways, and after over three years of marriage we are still discovering new ways that we are COMPLETELY different. There are days where those differences are endearing and days where our differences drive us nuts but at the end of the day we absolutely love how "unalike" we are.

Yesterday I was brushing my teeth and giggled as I noticed a significant difference in the state of our toothpaste. 

Jarryd's had the lid securely on, it was smooth and the toothpaste was oh so evenly distributed towards the opening of the tube... I guess for dental hygiene emergencies when you need to get that paste out as quick as possible! ;) 

And I know this sounds crazy to say... but it looked so pretty. 

And then there is mine...

Lid missing, toothpaste in chaotic non-order within the tube, and a very noticeable bend where I had previously squeezed out the paste. 

Now I see why he likes us to each have our own tubes... and our own bathroom sinks for that matter :(

The really amazing part is that I am able to look at his obsessively neat toothpaste and fall in love with him all over again. I would NEVER want to change the way he is. On January 10, 2009 we were joined together in marriage... combining our personalities, talents, dreams, and all of our crazy quirks.

We learned quickly in our marriage that we cannot change the other and instead of trying to conform one another to "our" way of doing things, we make compromises and embrace our diversity. This is why marriage is so sanctifying and how it has the ability to shape you into a more selfless and giving person.

At the end of the day my husband makes me a better person. For me personally, I would absolutely hate it if I had married someone JUST like me. 

I will never fully understand why Jarryd has to keep things in perpendicular piles, or why he has to have the sheets tucked tightly at the bottom of our bed. And Im sure he will never understand why I always lose the tops to my water bottles, or why I receive great joy in finding things that I had lost in the most random of places (I actually once misplaced my vacuum and found it in the trunk of my car months later... true story).

And while each of us can never truly change who we are, we find joy in sacrificing our own personal agendas and serving the other in a way that speaks to how we are individually wired. Nothing shows Jarryd how much I love him more than when I have the house clean when he comes home from work. And nothing shows me how much Jarryd loves me more than when he demonstrates great patience when we have to leave the house in 5 minutes and I still have rollers in my hair. ;)

I thank God everyday for the wonderful man that I married.

And in my opinion... our toothpaste tubes are EACH perfect the way they are!

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