Liv's First Birthday!

Our precious baby girl is 1 year old and even though she won't remember a thing... we decided to throw her a Birthday party to celebrate all she means to us with the people we love the most! I had an absolute blast planning every detail for the party and wanted to share some of the ideas and awesome vendors I used. 

 Her Birthday invitation was from tinyprints

After lots of searching on Etsy with no luck I finally found her Birthday dress and party hat at Hot Chocolate Boutique in Aledo, TX

 I made her pom pom wreath using this tutorial and will be selling them in my Etsy shop soon! 

 Her party favors were so fun to make! I used old baby food glass jars, cleaned them and removed the wrappers, then covered the lids with rubber cement and gold glitter. Next I cut pink ribbon and used the rubber cement to wrap it around the center of the jar. Once everything was dry I filled them with red M&M's (I had wanted to use the Valentine colors but they were already gone by the time we looked).

They were a big hit! Got the idea from Pinterest.

Now onto the PARTY!

Highchair birthday banner I had custom made on Etsy
Her Birthday chalkboard I made and you can order it at my Etsy shop

Pink ombre ruffle cake was from Bluebonnet Bakery in Fort Worth and it was amazing
Pom pom cake topper from Etsy

Cupcakes were from The Cupcake Cottage in Fort Worth (THE ABSOLUTE BEST!) 

All the paper pom poms I made using the same wreath tutorial as above.

Hanging pom poms I made myself but you can buy them here

Pink ombre silverware, gold striped straws, and tutus make everything better!!

This was the table we had outside for people to play dress up if they wanted to!

Liv is absolutely OBSESSED with sunglasses and sparkly things! 

We had lots of great finger foods! One of my favorites were the white chocolate covered strawberries with pink sprinkles (super easy to make) And of course ALL drinks taste better in a glass bottle! 

There was also a kid snack bar filled with all of Liv's favorite snacks! 

Now onto some cake smashing!

Well... it was not really cake smashing... more like confusion and annoyance that there was sticky icing on her hands!

She preferred to feed it to us instead!

I was really surprised that she didn't demolish the whole thing... I thought she would have dove in head first but as it turns out... Liv is not really a fan of cake! 

 The aftermath! Don't worry... I finished it for her by the end of the week! 

Bath time quickly followed! 

Present time was probably her favorite! 

I could not have asked for a better day!

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  1. This was the most adorable birthday party!!! Every detail was precious!