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This is Liv's second Easter, but it's her first one where she is old enough to enjoy more of this amazing holiday! I absolutely cannot wait until she is old enough for me to teach her about the true meaning of Easter and the importance of Jesus' resurrection from the grave!  

I wanted to share a few goodies that will be in Liv's Easter basket this year:

1. Easter Basket and liner  It's on sale at Pottery Barn! I wanted to get a basket that would be big enough and would last for her to use every year! 

2. The Velveteen Rabbit  No book collection is complete without this classic! I actually found it as a board book which is great because Liv loves to rip pages out of books :( This book sells out fast so get it while you can! 

3. I am so obsessed with ombre! I got the cutest ombre plastic glitter eggs from Target for $5. They aren't online anymore so I couldn't get a real picture but they are still in stores! 

4. Pat the Bunny  This book is a weird one but Liv really loves any books that involve her senses! It is so funny reading all of these classics as an adult now... some of them are so strange I don't remember why I loved them so much! Anyone else feel the same way? Case in point: Goodnight Moon 

5. Bunny Lovie Blanket  Liv LOVES stuffed animals! She calls them her "Be-bes" This one is so soft and comes in other animals! 

6. God Gave us Easter  Another great board book that teaches the true meaning of Easter... never too early to teach that! 

7. 101 Piece Cookie Cutter Set  Ok I know this one seems kind of odd but a good friend of mine suggested these because they help to make food fun by creating these fun shapes... plus Liv will love playing with these straight out of the bucket for sure!

Now onto the attire: 

Got the dress several weeks ago at Target and I cannot wait to see Liv in it! 

Shoes are from Old Navy

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