Hi... My name is Jessica Foreman and this is my incredible family. That's my handsome hubby Jarryd and my beautiful babies Liv and Landry. I am so excited to begin this journey into the adventurous world of blogging! I am a part time biblical counselor, part time photographer and a full time wife and mom with a passion to be creative in every aspect of life. My faith in Jesus Christ is the foundation of my being and my freedom is found in His scars. My desire is to write about things that will inspire and encourage all who read.  Follow me as I share my world and write about my faith, marriage, mommyhood, discipleship, infertility & miscarriage, photography, cooking, creativity, pinterest projects, the ups and downs of life, Foreman adventures, and all things beautiful!

This is Mr. Foreman and he is my best friend and the love of my life. He is my dreamy musician hubby of over 6 years who still romances and pursues my heart with a resilient passion. He is a talented singer, songwriter, worship pastor who plays the guitar and piano, he's a scratch golfer, and he makes me laugh every day of my life... oh and he loves to cook... am I the luckiest girl in the world or what!?! He will be the main character in majority of my blogs because he is the leading man in my life! I love to write about marriage; the incredible, wonderful, challenging gift that God has given us.

This is a picture from our wedding!
One of the happiest days of my life!

He is the most incredible daddy... He is already wrapped around Liv's teeny tiny finger and Landry follows his every move! 

Meet Liv Monroe Foreman... Isn't she beautiful!?! I had no idea that my heart could contain so much love for such a little person! She is our miracle baby, a true gift from the Lord. We endured the pain of multiple miscarriages and had to come to terms with the thought that we might not ever be able to have children naturally. Through a fertility specialist we found out that I have two blood disorders that were contributing to the loss of my pregnancies. I am grateful that the Lord carried us through those tough years and I know that without the losses we would never have had our sweet precious Liv. I am now passionate about fertility issues and have used my experiences to counsel women who are experiencing the excruciating pain that comes with miscarriage and infertility. Read our story here.

Meet Landry Reid Foreman... He is so hard to take pictures of because he hates it when he is not holding my hand. I have never known anyone who is more tender hearted than him. He loves people, spoons, cups, keys, remote controls, buttons, goldfish, and people... Did I mention that he loves people?! He walks with a skip in his step because he is so full of life and joy... Constantly! It's hard to tell when he is sick because no matter what... he is always smiling. I want to be more like him when I grow up!

This is Brinkley... our 6 year old boxer who has a personality bigger than life. He loves to snuggle, chase his nubbin, run as fast as his legs will let him, basque in the sun, go to the dog park, steal Liv and Landry's toys, and give lots of kisses!

He is the best dog ever!

Life is sweet!