1 year of Liv

Our little baby girl is no longer a baby! We are officially the parents of a toddler! Jarryd and I would both say that this has been one of the most amazing years of our lives! Liv has stolen our hearts and has made everyday more incredible! Her life has significantly enhanced my praise and worship of God... there are so many times where I am overwhelmed with love for Liv that I just start praising the Lord for allowing me to be her mommy! Looking back now I am almost thankful for the miscarriages we had in the early years of our marriage, while I would never want to experience that pain again, it has made me so much more grateful and appreciative of the life we have in Liv. I know what a miracle she is and I pray we never take that for granted! (Read more about our journey through multiple miscarriages here)

This month she learned to:
run everywhere... Lord help us
drink only from a sippy cup (Yay for no more bottles!)
officially eat real "big people" food
switch to whole milk
clap on command
share and steal... I guess they kind of cancel each other out
we are also officially weaning her from her paci... this has not been fun

Things she says:
Dada (Finally!!) Jarryd was so happy! 
and a million and one gibberish words

Her favorite things this month:
whole milk
turkey meat
little cuties
pretty much all food
Brinkley (he has officially been a favorite every month)
frog paci
her sippy cup
her birthday party
birthday presents
to dance
to walk and run
play peekaboo 
to get into the dog toy basket
to get into all the kitchen cabinets
Howard the duck... he goes everywhere with us
her Sophie giraffe
to pull all the folded laundry out of baskets
to be outside
the iPhone
all of her books especially the "Quack! Quack!" book
bath time
Dr. Audrey Rogers her pediatrician (She is INCREDIBLE)
Daddy's guitar
the AutoNation comercial (She stops whatever she is doing to dance)
to be tickled
to be chased
to close doors
to make a mess

Things she hates this month:
her birthday cake :(
weaning from her paci
to be tired
the fact that the remote control has been missing for over a week now
to be confined to just one room
to have a dirty diaper
1 year shots :(

Her sizes this month:
she is 21.5 pounds (74th percentile for weight)
31.5 inches long (98th percentile for height)
size 4 diapers
size 18 months in clothes

New places she has been this month:
Pei Wei
house hunting with us in Forney
Community Life nursery

Here are some of my favorite pictures this month:

everyday is a good day for a tutu! 

she loves books! 

birthday invitation photo shoot

spaghetti love

 Brinkley gets buried during playtime  

BUSTED!!! In the dog toys again... torture for Brinkley

she is so beautiful

this picture makes me laugh... yes that is a box of Pasta Roni in her hands, she had previously raided the pantry

1 year checkup 

 Daddy was her first Valentine :) He got her a rose

Sneak peek at her 1st birthday party! Blog post coming soon! 

Happy Birthday sweet Liv!! Can't wait for many many more!!! 

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  1. Yay Liv! Happy first birthday! Such a cute birthday outfit. Did you get it on Etsy?

    1. Thank you!! I almost bought one on Etsy until I found this one at Hot Chocolate boutique in Aledo, Tx http://www.hotchocboutique.com/ I LOVE THIS STORE!!