Mommy Must Haves

It's been a while since I have shared some of my favorite things that make being a new mommy just a little bit easier! 

1. Homedics Cool Mist Humidifier with built-in Soundspa  A noisemaker that runs through the night has been a life saver! The week we started to use this Liv slept all through the night at 10 weeks old! This has prevented her from waking up on nights that we have company over or a loud storm rolls through! We only use the humidifier when she is sick but it is awesome too! 

2. Summer Infant Tiny Diner  Now that Liv is eating all solid foods our life has gotten a whole lot messier but also infinitely cuter! This rubber placemat rolls up and goes with us everywhere! It makes dining out at restaurants so much easier. It catches all of Liv's food and helps keep her food off of the dirty restaurant tables. 

Liv is always an entertaining hit at Chipotle! 

3. Sassy Teether Feeder  This is the most genius invention! When liv was learning to eat solid foods but wasn't quite ready to eat things like grapes or tangerines whole this little baby was the best! You simply put the fruit in the mesh bag and baby is able to bite and chew on the fruit without the risk of choking but all the benefits of nutritious fruit!

It was a bit messy so nakedness was usually necessary! 

4. BabyGanics Hand and Face Wipes  I never leave home without these! They are great at cleaning Liv's hands and face but also they are super gentle on her sensitive skin. One other perk... they are very affordable! You can find them at Target, Buy Buy Baby, and Babies R Us.

5. Hyland's Teething Tablets  I am a big advocate of ONLY giving Liv medicine like baby Motrin or Tylenol when it is absolutely necessary... that's why I love these! They are completely natural and homeopathic but are powerful at relieving Liv's pain when she is teething! They start doing the trick right after we give them to her! 

6. Earth's Best Organic Toothpaste in Apple Pear  As soon as those first two pearly whites popped up in her sweet little mouth we began using this training toothpaste to get Liv used to having her teeth brushed. The apple pear flavor definitely made her fall in love with oral hygiene. 

7. Baby Touch and Feel Quack! Quack! Book  Liv probably makes us read this book dozen's of times in a day! She loves any book that involves her senses like touch and hearing. This book is great because it is short for her attention span but engaging for her inquisitive mind! Plus she loves it when Mommy and Daddy look ridiculous acting out the animal sounds! What is your kiddo's favorite book? 

8. Shopping Cart Cover  This one is for my fellow germaphobes out there! A cover for the shopping cart can protect your little one from picking up yucky germs that are most definitely infesting commonly touched surfaces like a shopping cart! I blame my toxicology class at Texas A&M for permanently scaring me with this obsession to avoid germs!

9. Keurig  Last but certainly not least... the Keurig coffee brewing system! You might be wondering... what this is doing on a list filled with baby products?!? I would venture to say this one might be one of the most important! ;) If you are coffee lover like I am, you know how much more this love grows once the introduction of a sleep depriving baby comes into your life. Caffeine takes on a whole new meaning! This beautiful invention makes an incredible cup of coffee instantly and WITH NO CLEAN UP! I recommend it for EVERY NEW PARENT OUT THERE! I think places like Babies R Us should start selling it so people can add it to their baby registry list! 

Feel free to share what your favorite baby products are! 

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