2 Months of Liv

I cannot believe Liv is already two months old! Time is just flying by!

Look how much she has changed from just one month ago...

Not only has she changed in the way she looks, but she also has changed a ton in her personality!

This month she learned to:
Follow objects with her eyes
Coo and Gurgle (loudly and a lot)
Grab things (like my hair)
React to mommy and daddy's funny faces
Hold her head up more
Durring tummy time, rock back and forth
Sleep 7.5 hours through the night (never thought this would happen)
Be more interested in the world around her

Her favorite things this month:
Her Wubbanub Frog
Daddy time
Her swing aunt Lucy bought her
FOOD (the girl loves to eat)
Her sleep sheep noise maker
Car rides
All of her Grandparents (they spoil her already)
When mommy sings to her (don't ask why)
To be read to
Being held
Being naked (we are worried about this)
Looking out the window
Going for walks outside
Her dragonfly toy
"The Jesus Storybook Bible" and the "You are my Cupcake" book
To look at herself in the mirror (how can you blame her?)

Things she hates this month:
Being bored
Being hot
and... her 2 month shots (she hates them the most)

Here are some of my favorite pictures from this month: 

Reading time with Daddy

She loves to pose for the camera... even when she is unconscious 

My all time favorite pic in her favorite onesie!

Liv proving how much she hates to be swaddled 

Rockin a cute outfit!

 Looking out the window with the boys

 Her beautiful eyelashes

The dreaded day of her two month shots... Jarryd and I cried too... we have to work on getting tougher skin soon!

I don't ever want her to grow up but I am so excited to see what next month brings! 

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