8 Months of Liv

I am 2 weeks behind on posting Liv's 8 month post because we have had a crazy month but I am so excited to share all that she has learned to do this month and how much she has grown! In honor of Halloween I decided to shoot her picture in her costume... isn't she the cutest kitty ever!?!?! Also this month we have OFFICIALLY started the baby proofing process... I feel like everyday there is something new that poses a risk to my little explorer! This has greatly improved my prayer life! ;)

This month she learned to:
stand up without holding onto anything
you can tell she is wanting to walk... I imagine it wont be long now
say momma... pretty sure she is not just talking about me though :( 
eat more solid foods
she got two front bottom teeth this month (they are the cutest)
she now rides in style in her "Big girl" car seat
celebrate Daddy's birthday
go trick or treating
give kisses... they aren't the prettiest but we love them
we officially finished reading the Jesus Storybook Bible the first of many times through

Her favorite things this month:
her stuffed pig "Bacon" & stuffed bunny "Mr. Bunny" (original names... I know)
her Wubbanub pacis
the church nursery & all of her friends in it (ESPECIALLY the BOYS) poor Daddy :(
to play with all of her toys
the coffee table
Mommy's Stella & Dot jewelry
Daddy's CD At the Cross
to be outside
her nursery
the iPhone :(
car rides
to crawl... all over the place
bath time
look at herself in the mirror or in pictures/videos
to babble and talk all the time
the DVD's
to pull clothes out of the laundry basket
the baby wipes package
to stand
to laugh
to throw things
the word "No"... she hears it a lot and laughs when we tell it to her... Lord help us! 
her grandparents... even PoPo ;)
Brinkley's feet and ears... poor Brink 
to get into things... especially things she isn't supposed to (like the DVD's)

Things she hates this month:
she is becoming less in love with naps :(
people in scary halloween costumes
to have her diaper changed... we have become the masters at distracting her
to be confined in any way imaginable
to sit in her highchair
her pack and play
to be tired or hungry

Her sizes this month:
9-12 months in clothes
size 3 diapers
20 pounds

New places she has been: 
BJ's Brewery
Olive Garden
the mall

Here are some of my favorite pictures from this month: 

standing in her crib

Liv is famous! Her ad in a Houston parent magazine! 

how I found her napping one day

bath time

 leopard love

 eating her favorite grapes

wearing uncle Bryan's hat

projecting images on the ceiling of the car 

 we love car trips! 

 play time! 

 shopping at Target is so much more fun when you have a hat fashion show! 

 I actually caught a picture of the VERY first time she stood up on her own!

first pumpkin patch

Liv's first pumpkin

Happy Halloween!


We are already halfway to 9 months and I am so excited to see what all she learns to do by then! 

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