7 Months of Liv

I am a little late in posting this blogpost because we have been traveling, but my baby girl turned 7 months old last week! I feel like with every month I fall more and more in love with her and her personality gets bigger and bigger! This month we are INTO EVERYTHING! Crawling and pulling UP on things has given way to new adventures and a few bruises. 

This month she learned to:
crawl... she is all over the place now
pull up on things and stand (learned this the same week she started crawling)
she is ready to run... not walk... run... she pulls up on things and then starts moving her legs as fast as she can go... which results in falling... but she just gets right back up and tries again
say... Bahhbahhbahh
splash in the tub
she learned her name

Her favorite things this month:
Mommy... this is breaking Daddy's heart but I am soaking it in because I know there will come a day when she is a Daddy's girl forever!
the crawling room in the church nursery
people... as long as they dont try to hold her
her bouncy swing
bath time
to sing
to be sung to
to talk... loudly and a lot... even though it's gibberish
to crawl
to stand
to MOVE... she never stops really
all food except bananas
to watch golf with Daddy
to laugh
to chew on anything and everything
Mommy's Stella & Dot necklaces
to pinch
to grab people's faces
to scream
other babies... she will have to wait a LONG TIME to live with one
her wubbanub paci
the iPhone... Lord help us
Daddy's new album At the Cross coming out November 3rd #shamelessplug
the DVD's
her yellow giraffe
her Sophie teether
the baby wipes package
the paper on the doctor's examination table

Things she hates this month:
saline solution
bows on her head... :( I knew this day would come
long car rides when she is sick
projectile vomiting 
6 month shots
for mommy to leave the room

Her sizes this month:
size 3 diapers
17.5 pounds
9-12 month clothes

New places she has been:
College Station
her new pediatrician's office... she LOVES Dr. Rogers
to Sarah & Steven's wedding
The Hawthorn Suites

Here are some of my favorite pictures from this month:

 she loves to read/eat this book

 loving playtime in her highchair

 Mommy made the rookie mistake of leaving her alone for one minute

first trip to A&M!!! Whoop! 

Jarryd's worst nightmare! Liv exploring the DVD's!

attempting to crawl

best friends

Liv in her bath towel 

Liv before her 6 month shots... that smile turned upside down shortly after this :(

lowering Liv's crib has given way to new challenges

bouncy swing and Brinkley equals pure joy! 

playing with Daddy's shirt

loving to stand up! 

Liv is the official model for Ella Zane Boutique It's an incredible women's clothing and baby boutique! If you are ever in the League City, TX area you must check them out!! 

mohawk in the bathtub

Liv helping Dr. Rogers out!

 This is definitely a more accurate portrayal of my sweet precious girl!

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