3 Months of Landry

This month he learned to:
baby talk more
roll from tummy to back
almost roll from back to tummy
hold his chest and head up better in tummy time
sleep in his bed all by himself through the night (12 hours at night)
go to the church nursery
to grab things with his hands

His favorite things this month:
bath time
playtime on his mat
to be talked to
to be held
to be snuggled to
to look at himself in the mirror
story time
car rides
to go on walks
to sleep through play dates
to cry when he senses mommy is about to eat a hot meal
to spit up
to poop
to pee on whoever is giving him a bath
Mommy and Daddy
his room
his fish that project on the ceiling 
tummy time (sometimes)
watching mommy blow dry her hair
to be outside
to drool
to eat his hands
to SMILE... ALL the time!!

Things he hates this month:
trapped gas
to be strapped in his car seat 
to be tired
between 6pm and bedtime

His sizes this month:
size 2 in diapers (these are snug)
6-9 months in clothes

Here are some of my favorite pictures from this month:

Brinkley doesn't like it when he cries :(

Ham Orchards! 

2 month shots :(

Landry's first FOURTH! 

it wore him out

Story time with Daddy!

he loves his big sister

first day in the nursery at church

bath time!

love this picture!

I love his bald cuteness!

he sleeps through playdates

we love the Rockwall Harbor

Growing so fast!!!! 

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