4 Months of Landry

This month he learned to:
laugh more
baby talk more
grab things and pull them into his mouth
lift up more in tummy time

New places he has been:
Fort Worth
BeBe and ShaSha's new house in Lewisville
the Dallas Arboretum

New firsts this month:
he met his great grandmother Yaya
took his first big road trip to Odessa
got his first low grade fever of 99.9 :( after his shots

His current nicknames: 
Reedree is kyin
monkey man
munchkin man
little man
Liv calls him: bruther, reedree, and sometimes sister :/

His favorite things this month:
when daddy sings or plays the piano
bath time
play dates
watching Mommy and Daddy do Piyo... and laughing at us :(
to be outside
when you act like Santa and say "hohoho!" (don't ask why I ever did this)
playtime on his mat
to be talked to
to sleep poolside
Sophie Giraffe
MiMi and PoPo
to be held
to be snuggled to
to look at himself in the mirror
story time
to be prayed over
car rides
when you ask him "Is that funny?"
to spit up
to poop so much it comes out of his diaper
to pee in the bathtub
Mommy and Daddy
his bed
his noise maker
tummy time (sometimes)
his rock and play
to be outside
any toy that he can hold well enough to put in his mouth
to drool... a TON
to eat his hands
his blankets
to SMILE... ALL the time!! Still! 

Things he hates this month:
BOTTLES... praying this changes
4 month shots
the nurse he smiled at right before she gave him the shots :(
trapped gas
the last hour of a 7 hour road trip
to be strapped in his car seat while the car is NOT moving
to be tired
between 6pm and bedtime

His sizes this month:
size 2-3 in diapers
6-9 months in clothes
14 ponds 9.5 ounces (50%)
24.75 inches long (50%)
his head is 41 cm (50%)

Here are some of my favorite pictures from this month:

family snuggles

 Sawyer will be here soon! 

he is always hanging on every word she says #enthralled

 tummy time success

the best daddy ever!  

 Liv sharing Howard... this is a BIG deal

celebrating my Birthday at the Arboretum 


 pool time


first BIG road trip! 

  Landry met baby Mayleigh :)

splash park at the Odessa Country Club

 sleeping by the pool

 excess drooling

spoiled boy... Nonna holding him while (not)eating her steak

Zanatas! Landry saw a squirrel ;) 

ready for church

couldn't find the keys :( 

watching mommy do Piyo

4 month shots :(

This boy is a ball of joy! His chubby cheeks have to hurt from smiling all the time! We are so over the moon in love with him! 

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