2 Months of Landry

Landry is growing so fast! Look how much he has changed since last month:

He is so much more alert and smiles all the time now! Words cannot describe how in love we are with him! We now know how fast this all goes so we are trying to soak up every second of this baby phase! Landry's personality is so different from Liv's, we are excited to see the person he will become! 

This month he learned to:
hold his head up better
nurse better
sleep through the night
follow objects with his eyes
react to faces

His favorite things this month:
the vibrating chair
to be outside
his sister
mommy & daddy
grandparents who already spoil him
to have his butt butt pat
to be held while you walk around the house
when daddy sings and plays the piano
when sissy holds him
car rides
the fish that project on the ceiling 
to poop
to be held
 story time with Liv and daddy
to be smiled at
to be talked to
to wake mommy up at 3:30 in the morning just to smile at her
bath time
to be swaddled
to spit up on people
to sleep at the park

Things he hates this month:
tongue & lip ties
Dr. Oser
tongue stretches
minor surgery
diaper changes
to be woken up
diaper rash
to be strapped in his car seat
2 month shots 
to be tired

His sizes this month:
size 1 in diapers
3-6 months in clothes
12.2 pounds (50th%)
23.5 inches long (50th%)
his head is 38.8 cm (50th%)

Here are some of my favorite pictures from this month:

sleeping at the park

tummy time

snuggling with Liv

love my babies


love his legs

and his feet


they sleep hard

playing in the back yard

Father's Day 2014

daddy time

story time

daddy playing him the piano trying to cheer him up after lip and tongue tie surgery :(

bath time

Liv loves it when he smiles :)

napping while sissy plays at the splash park


like I said... they sleep hard

momma's boy

Happy 2 months little guy!!

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