10 Months of Liv

Liv turned 10 months old on Christmas eve but mommy unfortunately was a little sick over the Christmas break :( so I am a very late in posting her latest blog post. With every month that goes by, Jarryd and I are seeing more and more of a little person in Liv! Her personality is larger than her little body and she is growing and learning everyday it seems! This month was a BIG month for her in that she finally took her first official steps... although her walking isn't very graceful... she is getting there! And it was her very first Christmas!! Even though I was sick it still was such a special day filled with amazing family, good food (even though I didn't get to partake), and lots of laughter! 

This month she learned to:
take her first steps
eat lots of new foods
say and wave "Bye Bye" even when she means "Hi" sometimes 
clap her hands
take off her diaper... Lord help us
unplug the drain in the tub and turn on and off the water
to throw her babies out of the crib as a casualty in her protest to take a nap
she also got a 3rd tooth on the top

Things she says: 
bye bye
bubba (Brinkley)
cah, cah, cah (who knows what this means?!?)
baba (bottle) 
Dada... only one time though... I think she is trying to torture Jarryd

Her favorite things this month:
shopping at target
cheese (like mother like daughter)
the remote control
her Wubbanub paci
to dance
to give kisses... even to random strangers... yes this scares us
to laugh
her bottle
Mr Bunny and Bacon (her stuffed pig)
car keys
to play peekaboo
the iPhone
to be chased
macaroni and cheese
her grandparents... they all spoil her like crazy
to talk
blueberry waffles
bath time
to have her teeth brushed
her shoes... well... all shoes
people with glasses... because she wants their glasses
the printer
all of her Christmas toys... once we threw away their boxes that she was fascinated with
other babies... we told her she would have to wait a LONG time until she gets to live with one
all of her friends in the church nursery
to sleep
to take her socks off
car rides
shopping carts
the DVDs
teething medicine
the vacuum
to be outside
the cold
the wind
the Milestone Electric comercial 
Texmati rice

Things she hates this month:
to be hungry
to see her bottle and its not in her mouth yet
to be tired
to sit still
Christmas parties past her bedtime

Her sizes this month:
still size 3 in diapers... barely
12-18 months in clothes
I would guess she is about 23 pounds

New places she has been this month:
Little Village at the Village Church
Safe Harbor Christmas party
Mimi's Cafe
Sleep Experts... she helped us find our new mattress

Here are some of  my favorite pictures this month:

helping mommy with laundry

making a mess at the pediatrician's office

posing with her Wubbanub

falling in love with bread

fun with babysitters Paige and Hailey

decorating for Christmas... even Brinkley helped

our Christmas tree

most precious Santa helper

 our first Christmas card as a family of 3


Christmas Eve! 

 Christmas morning! 

by the end of Christmas day she was pretty wore out

snuggling with Grandpa Elton

 when she took her first official steps

bath time fun... you think she has enough toys?!?

What a special month it has been! 

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