11 Months of Liv

I cannot believe this is Liv's last official month as a baby! This has been the fastest year ever... I wish so badly I could just press pause for a minute to soak it all in. The addition of Liv to our lives has brought more joy than we could have ever imagined... We cannot fathom our lives without her! Our lives are literally filled with Liv, Love, & Laughter! 

This month she learned to:
walk more effectively... she can really walk clear across a room now (this means we are chasing her all over the place)
use a spoon to feed herself slash feed the floor and the dog
eat more "big people" food
perfect her dancing skills
help mommy pick up the cheerios she has spilled on the floor
share her food with us
to give a high five
she is also getting 3 new top front teeth

Things she says:
buh bye (which sometimes means hi)
Bubba (Brinkley)
baby (pretty much everything)
mimi (everything too)
cah cah cah (she only says this when she is dancing!?!)
puh puh puh (?!?!)
Jarryd is determined to believe that one of these words really means "Dada" (which she still doesn't say)

Her favorite things this month:
TO DANCE... her absolute favorite (and ours!)
her sippy cup
her frog Wubbanub paci
Stella & Dot boxes
the remote control
the DVDs
Mommy & Daddy
blueberry waffles
chicken nuggets
to walk
play peekaboo
bath time
being outside
going for walks in her stroller
the park
to give kisses
to throw things on the floor just to watch them fall
Mr. Bunny, Bacon, & Howard (her stuffed animals)
to take clothes out of the laundry basket
the vacuum (she gets this from her daddy)
to take her shoes & socks off
to open & close doors and cabinets
to explore
to feed Brinkley from her highchair
to pull wipes out of their package
to sleep
to eat
car rides
to talk
to play with her toys (especially her Ballapalooza and Rocktivity table)
people with glasses or sunglasses 
to be chased
any kind of cord

Things she hates this month:
teething :(
deli meat
grilled chicken
when she points at something and you don't take her to it
to have her diaper changed

Her sizes this month:
12-18months in clothes
size 3 in diapers

New places she has been this month: 
Salt Grass Steakhouse

Here are some of my favorite pictures from this month: 

 shopping at Target

boody shaking 

here is a video of her dance skills

eating rice and beans from Chipotle

 playing peekaboo in her nursery

 busy at playtime

 fun at the park

 learning to improve our eating skills

 splashing in bath time

 hardcore napping

getting into mischief 

Her cuteness overwhelms me!

Let the 1st birthday party planning begin!!!!!!! 

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