3 Months of Liv

This week marks Liv's 3 month Birthday! 

With every month I feel she gets more alert and interacts so much more which is so fun! 

This month she learned to: 
Laugh (We will do ANYTHING to accomplish this... even looking ridiculous)
Sleep all the way through the night! (Praise Jesus!!)
Turn her head fully from left to right
Try and talk back when we talk to her
Notice and recognize who mommy and daddy are
Grab onto things... like my hair :(
Sleep in her nursery

Her favorite things this month:
Her Wubbanub frog paci
Being swaddled (which she hated until recently)
TV (we try to not let her watch it very much but she sure does fight to find it)
Watching golf with daddy (who knows why?!)
Having FaceTime with her grandparents
Brinkley (They are really becoming pals)
Bath time
Talking to mommy and daddy
The Jesus Story Book Bible
Sleep (we all love this)
When we make funny faces at her
FOOD still tops her list!
Screaming in public (especially in church)
When daddy sings silly songs
Car rides
Blowing bubbles
Her Sophie Giraffe
When daddy plays the guitar
To kick her chubby legs
Going for walks
Being held, bounced, rocked (she basically wants to be moving ALL the time) 

Things she hates this month:
When mommy and daddy take her on a dinner date (she now likes to scream in restaurants)
When mommy and daddy sit down for a hot meal (she likes to wake up from a deep sleep and scream)
When mommy and daddy put clean clothes on (this usually results in us being thrown up on or pooped on)
When mommy went back to work :( (we both hated this)
Sitting still
When she is not the center of attention (which is hardly ever)
When people clap in church
When someone sneezes 
To be hungry... even for one second!

Her sizes this month:
Size 1 diaper (it is getting a little snug now though)
3 month clothes

Here are some of my favorite pics from this month:

One of our many walks

Smiles :)

FaceTime with Memaw and Popo

Snuggle time with Brinkley

Her old friend froggy meets her new friend Sophie giraffe

Her beautiful blue eyes


The day I went back to work she threw up and pooped on me... this is a guilty face

Watching golf with daddy

Chubby kisses

The face she made before we left her with my mom for a rehearsal dinner

My first Mother's Day

Her cute outfit

Jamming and dancing to our iPood

She is my chunky love

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