17 Months of Liv

I have gotten way behind on my blogging last month and my brain is bursting with topics that I want to share so be prepared for a blog overload in the next couple of weeks! 

Here are a few of my favorite pics of Liv from last month! We are already on our way to the 18 month mark and time has flown by way too fast!! There will be a big photo shoot and blog for Liv next month for sure! 

 Watermelon love! 

 Relaxing by the pool! 

 Learning to work the Dyson! 

 Liv's second 4th of July

 She loved the sparklers! 

 Fun at the Harbor!

 Her new swimming buddy! 

 Making grocery shopping easier! 

 Helping mommy water the flowers! 

 Playing dress up in mommy's shirt! 

 Chalkboard art! 

Snuggling in our bed because she was sick :( 

Her first trip to the zoo! 

Cannot wait to see what adventures her next month brings! 

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