1 Year of Landry

In true "second child style" I am over a month late in posting this but hey... better late than never right?! I still don't think it has sunk in yet that our little guy is no longer a baby... he is officially a toddler!! After having Liv I didn't know how it would be possible to ever share my heart or my love with any other child but WOW was I wrong! My heart has grown 19 pounds (and counting) and there are no words to describe how much I love my Landry! I often tell people that I want to be Landry when I grow up because of the amazing never-ending joy he has! Nothing ever gets him down! The bottle is always half-full and he loves every person he comes in contact with. He loves to share, puts others needs before his own, and laughs constantly... sometimes just for no reason at all! God has blessed us exponentially by adding him to our family, I'm humbled and thankful every day that I get to be his mommy! 

This month he learned to:
play peekaboo 
take direction
bang on the piano when daddy sings

New milestones this month:
learn to bang on the piano
first Easter
tried his first popsicle and snow cone
first time to stay with BeBe and ShaSha and go to the Village with them
Spoiled mommy on his first Mother's day out of the womb :)
first swim in the backyard pool (if you can call 2 inches of water a pool)
started to get his top two teeth in (finally)

His favorite things this month:
Uncle Bebe (this is an understatement... obsessed might be more accurate)
Mimi and Popo
wagon rides
to swing outside
to pull out all the tissues from a tissue box
to hand you things
paper towels
the TV remote
black beans
all fruit
lets just say ALL food
to play golf with his new golf clubs he got from MiMi and PoPo
wubbanub pacis
to play peekaboo
to be chased
to meet new people
to talk to people
people in general
to climb on things
to eat any object he finds on the floor
Daddy and Mommy
to stand up
to go grocery shopping with Mommy
Dr. Thomason
to sing... loudly
the piano
his sippy cup
bath time
to throw things on the floor
to watch you pick up things he threw on the floor
to chunch
Liv's hair
all hair in general 
Little Blue Truck book
to be held
to be talked to
to crawl around all over the house
his feet
his hands
his Giraffe
the Ballapalooza 
when Liv pays attention to him
Liv's room
to smile
to laugh
the iPhone
to be tickled
riding in a shopping cart
to look out the backdoor window
car rides
to be outside... he laughs if you even get near the front door
his blue Pottery Barn chair

Things he hates this month:
the lawn mower and weed eater
the car wash
to sit still
loud noises
to be up past bed time
to be constipated
to be separated from human contact 
when you take away his food
you make him spit out food after he shoves too much in his mouth

His sizes this Month:
size 3 in diapers (size 4 at night)
12-18 months in clothes
19 pounds 8.5 ounces (25%)
29 inches tall (25%)

Here are some of my favorite pictures from this month:

the Bruhvers
Easter Sunday
Landry's first Easter

bow ties and bluebonnets
bluebonnet dreams

Love how his birthday pictures came out!

trouble :)
One year check-up! Growing fast! 

Birthday morning balloon party! 

It's tuff being 1! 
Lego Inspired First Birthday Details: 

the smash cake was not as exciting as Lego Man :(

Birthday banner from Swoozies

Free ONE letters printable

I made his smash cake with an AMAZING funfetti cupcake recipe and printed out the letters from a free printable online! Cake stand from Swoozies
Lego banner and "ONE" wooden letters from Target 

Easy but fancy 'looking" fruit tray! Never Grow Up Free Printable

The MOST INCREDIBLE Funfetti Cupcakes!

I wanted to add small touches of Legos and thought they made the cutest cupcake toppers! And seriously... you HAVE to make these cupcakes! You don't even have to wait for a Birthday... Maybe just make them for a typical Monday, or Tuesday, or Wednesday... You get my point :) 

I made his Lego letter by hot-gluing different lego pieces to a flat wooden letter I bought from Hobby Lobby! 

This was surprisingly easy to do! 

Lego party favors! Thank you $1 section of Target! 

Birthday banner from Swoozies

VERY spoiled by his grandparents! 

I was a little bluebonnet obsessed this year :(
Landry's first taste of a popsicle! We love Steel City Pops! 

This boy can eat! 

12 month printables available in my Etsy shop!  

Cannot wait to see what this next year brings! Landry we love you so much baby boy! 

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