6 Months of Liv

I cannot believe my baby girl is 6 months old!! So much has happened in that time and Jarryd and I have been so blessed by how much joy and personality Liv has brought into our lives! She has absolutely stolen our hearts and has us both wrapped around her tiny chubby finger!

Some things that Jarryd and I see about her personality so far:

We think that she will be artistic and creative when she gets older, possibly musical? (:

This month she learned to:
army crawl all over the place
she is trying to fully crawl... we are so close
she is already getting into everything
sit up on her own (she is still very unstable though)
babble new words like dadadadada, mamamamama (dont think she is talking about us though) ): 
fly on a plane

Her favorite things this month:
her highchair 
baby einstein music player
her taggies toys
pretty much all food
naps... well... all sleeping
to bounce
to pinch
to grab things
her feet
other people's hands
to spit... especially when you hold her in front of your face
to drool
her sippy cup
bath time
her jungle gym
the church nursery
Journey... she obviously has great taste in music
to dance with people
her Wubbanub paci
to roll
to kick her chubby legs
her mommy and daddy
her Sophie giraffe
her BIG giraffe
daddy's nose
her swing
the iPhone
car rides

Things she hates this month:
when daddy sings Harry Belafonte's "Banana Boat" song (she cries every time)
to be woken up from a nap
the bathroom in the DFW airport
to sit still
to be tired or hungry

Things that make her laugh:
when daddy dances
funny faces
when people talk to her
squeaky toys
when she sneezes

Her sizes this month:
size 3 diapers
6-9 months in clothes

New places she has been:
DFW airport
Washington DC

Here are some of my favorite pics from this month:

 sitting outside of Starbucks

 morning snuggles

 eating peas

 First time to fly on a plane!

Picture with the captain from her first flight!

 goofy girl
 4 generations 

 my favorite photo shoot EVER

Seriously... doesn't get much cuter than this! 


 exploring the sippy cup

 Brinkley was jealous that he never makes the blog so he resorted to desperate measures

Cannot believe that she is halfway to 1 year! 

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