4 Months of Liv

Liv is growing up so fast... it's so hard to keep up with all the new things she is doing now!

This month she learned to:
Laugh hysterically
Sleep in her crib through the night
Sleep from 7pm to 7am
Sing... when she is sung to
Hold her head up more
She is trying to sit up... definitely has not mastered it but she wants to
Reach for toys
Hold things more
We also think she is starting to teethe

Here is a video of her laughing:

Here is a video of her singing: 

Her favorite things this month:
Burp cloths (she loves to hold them and now won't fall asleep without one)
Car rides
Mommy and Daddy
Her hands
Bath time
Her swing
Her wubbanub paci
To have her car seat covered (she falls right to sleep)
Bonanza (her Mimi discovered this)
Pretty much just TV in general
Her noise maker
Her Mimi
Her Moby wrap
To put anything and everything in her mouth
Her bouncy swing

Things she hates this month:
Emergency Rooms
Unknown mystery viruses
Certain people for no particular reason at all (sorry PoPo, you'll move to the favorite list soon)
A bottle that is not the perfect temperature
Tummy time
Sitting still
A thermometer

Things that make her laugh:
Her bouncy swing
Mommy and Daddy's funny faces
When she poops
When she farts
When Daddy dances

Her sizes this month:
Size 2 diaper 
3-6 month clothes
She is almost 13 pounds

New places she has been this month:
The emergency room
The dog park
The pool
The golf course

Here are some of my favorite pics from this month:

That is a mischievous grin

We call this the papoose after bath time!

 Cutie Pie!

We just completed reading through the Old Testament in her Storybook Bible

The first toy she ever reached for... of course... a guitar... her daddy was excited!

 First trip to the dog park

 One of her many car rides... she loves them!

First trip to the pool!
This was a scary day... Liv in the emergency room :(

 A much happier Liv who is finally feeling better!

Love these...

This was the first time we got her to laugh hysterically!

Someone asked me how many bows she has... it's too many to count!

She looks like a doll!

 On the way to Odessa to visit Mimi and Popo

 It was her first big road trip

 First time on the golf course... she slept the whole time

 Father's day!!

 Her Father's Day present to Jarryd!

 Learning to play the piano already!

 Wore out from being so cute!

And all that in just 4 months...

5 months... here we come!!!

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