9 months of Landry

There are not enough words to describe how special Landry is... He is so full of life and love! He's infectious and a true joy! We cherish everything about him and can't believe how fast he is growing!

This month he learned to:
pull up to standing
climb up on his chair
crawl from room to room super fast
take a paci

New milestones this month:
first new years
first 2 teeth
able to stand while holding on to something
take a bath in the big bathtub 

Words this month:

His favorite things this month:
wagon rides
to swing outside
wubbanub pacis
to climb on things
Daddy and Mommy
for Liv to chase him
to stand up
anything he can chew on
to sing... loudly
his sippy cup
to take baths with Liv
to chunch
Liv's hair
his grandparents 
to be held
to be talked to
sophie giraffe
to crawl around
his feet
his hands
to kick his legs
burp cloths
the Ballapalooza 
when Liv pays attention to him
to smile
to laugh
to squeal (What we call Pterodactyl-ing) 
TV or anything bright
to drool
to be tickled
to spit up on a clean shirt
ergo baby carrier
Liv's hand-me-down toys :/
riding in a shopping cart
Fisher Price Elephant
to look out the backdoor window
car rides

Things he hates this month:
to be confined to one place
the church nursery
loud noises
to be up past bed time
9 month dr apt
to have his iron checked
nurse Sabrina who he smiled at right before she pricked his finger :( 
flu booster shot
to be sick
when he bumps his head on his crib
cradle cap
when he falls
when Brinkley barks

His sizes this Month:
size 3 in diapers (size 4 at night)
12-18 months in clothes
17 pounds 9 ounces (20%)
28.25 in tall (50%)

Here are some of my favorite pictures from this month:

story time with Liv
climbing on everything
snuggling with Liv in the mornings is his favorite

shopping at Costco

first 2 teeth
wagon rides are the best

swing fun

he has a very nurturing sister

sending Daddy pictures at work
I think I can... I think I can
is it springtime yet?

standing like a stud 
this picture needs no caption

how do I escape? 

yes we go out in public in our PJ's when it is cold outside

 Sweet Landry, my face has hurt for the past 9 months because you have made me smile so much! Complete strangers fall in love with you the moment they meet you. What a gift you are and what a gift you have. We adore you! 

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  1. i died at the first picture. it is perfection....the dog in the tent, the reading, ALL OF IT!! and i smiled at the store in PJs. I've done the same with Levi!